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The Princess and the Call Girl (1984)
The Princess and the Call Girl (1984) Dvdrip
With Carol Levy, Christina Swing and Shannah Hall

Shannah Hall
[Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl1.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl3.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl5.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl4.jpg]
Shannah Hall having sex with a guy while being video tapped. Shannah then seen wearing only a towel trying to seduce Carol Levy as she kisses her. We then see Shannah nude on the couch as Carol goes down on her, and then gives us a full-frontal view as she stands up.

Carol Levy
[Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl6.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl8.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl9.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl10.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl12.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl13.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl14.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl17.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl18.jpg]
Carol Levy showing her boobs as a guy just finished having sex with her from behind. Carol then takes off her dress and goes full frontal. A guy then takes of Carol's robe and they have sex by the pool. Carol in a pink bikini and making out with a woman dressed as a maid. Carol then seen wearing a nighty while chatting to her twin sister. And then we see her naked once more having sex buy a fire.

[Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl2.jpg] [Image: Carol-Levy_The-Princess-and-%20the-Call-Girl15.jpg]
Some unknown woman going full frontal.

Size: 376,2MB
Duration: 25:40
Resolution: 700×388
Format: MKV
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