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The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)
The Return Of The Living Dead (1985) BDRip 1080p

Linnea Quigley

[Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead1.jpg] [Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead2.jpg] [Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead3.jpg] [Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead004.jpg] [Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead4.jpg] [Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead5.jpg] [Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead005.jpg] [Image: Linnea.Quigley_-_The.Return.Of.The.Living.Dead6.jpg]
Linnea in a graveyard slowly ripping off her shirt and then her leather skirt, exposing boobs, butt and shaved beaver as she dances on one of the graves. We then see her grabbing a guy by the cock. Still fully naked we see her running in the rain and finds shelter in a car. We then see her in loose shirt exposing some side boob, before being eaten by Zombies.

Size: 355MB
Duration: 5:33
Resolution: 1920×1040
Format: MP4
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