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Blue Summer (1973)
Blue Summer (1973)
With Lilly Bi Peep, Joann Sterling, Shana McGran, Any Mathieu, Jacqueline Carol and Chris Jordan

Lilly Bi Peep, Joann Sterling
[Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer001.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer002.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer003.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer004.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer005.jpg]
Lilly Bi Peep first seen going at it in the back of a van with some guy, and then both Lilly and Joann Sterling goes full frontal having sex outdoors.

Any Mathieu, Shana McGran
[Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer006.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer007.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer008.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer009.jpg]
Any Mathieu and Shana McGran in a hippy outdoor orgy.

Melissa Evers
[Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer0010.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer0011.jpg]
Melissa Evers takes off her dress and has sex with a dude while two other guy's looks on.

Jacqueline Carol
[Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer0012.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer0013.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer0014.jpg]
Jacqueline Carol receives oral sex from her man.

Chris Jordan
[Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer0015.jpg] [Image: Lilly_Bi_Peep_-_Blue_Summer0016.jpg]
Chris Jordan and some dude goes at it in the forest.

Size: 534MB
Duration: 31:10
Resolution: 720×540
Format: MKV
Download links:
Part 1: (Available for free download)
Part 2: (Available for free download)

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