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Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez, Caitlin Gerard, Lia Lam and Eltie Pearce in The Assignment (2016)

[Image: MichelleRodriguez1.jpg] [Image: MichelleRodriguez2.jpg] [Image: MichelleRodriguez3.jpg] [Image: MichelleRodriguez4.jpg] [Image: MichelleRodriguez5.jpg] [Image: MichelleRodriguez6.jpg] [Image: MichelleRodriguez7.jpg] [Image: MichelleRodriguez8.jpg]

Eltie Pearce in her underwear shows cleavage in a sexy red bra.

Michelle Rodriguez in long scene wearing a robe which she takes of to examine her breasts in the mirror, before sticking her finger up her vagina. The scene continues with Michelle wearing the robe which is complete open in the front. We get a quick nipple slip as she robs a cash register. We then see Michelle's boob once again as she tapes down her breasts.

Lia Lam gets banged on the couch and we get a look at her breasts.

Caitlin Gerard shows her breasts and butt as she dries herself off with a towel.

Duration: 9:01
Resolution: 1920×800
Format: MKV
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