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Sam Whiskey (1969)
Sam Whiskey (1969) 1080p BluRay

Angie Dickinson

[Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey001.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey002.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey003.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey004.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey005.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey006.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey007.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Sam_Whiskey008.jpg]
Angie Dickinson laying naked on Burt Reynolds with her boobs pressing against his chest. Angie then sitting up in bed with her blouse open in the front, showing off her cleavage. Followed by some more cleavage from Angie in a red dress.

Size: 57.7MB
Duration: 3:01
Resolution: 1920×1040
Format: MKV
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