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Big Bad Mama (974)
Big Bad Mama (974) DVDRip
With Angie Dickinson, Susan Sennett, Robbie Lee, Sally Kirkland, Joan Prather and Shannon Christie

Robbie Lee
[Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama001.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama004.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama005.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama008.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0015.jpg]
Robbie Lee slips a boob while hanging out of a car window. Robbie then seen at a police station with her shirt unbuttoned showing some nice cleavage. We then get a nice look at Robbie's breasts in a see-through dress while dancing on stage with Susan Sennett and Shannon Christie. Some brief bits of Robbie's boobs as Susan Sennett rips off her towel and they runs around the room. Robbie and Susan then undresses and climb into bed with Tom Skerritt, showing their buns in the process.

Sally Kirkland
[Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama002.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama003.jpg]
A nice look at Sally's breasts and buns as Susan Sennett walks into the bedroom while she gets changed.

Shannon Christie
[Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama006.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama007.jpg]
Shannon stripping on stage.

Susan Sennett
[Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0010.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0013.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0014.jpg]
Susan pressing her boobs together while looking in the mirror. Susan then gets totally naked and climbs into bed with Tom Skerritt.

Angie Dickinson
[Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama009.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0011.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0012.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0016.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0018.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0019.jpg] [Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0020.jpg]
Angie takes of her dress exposing her bare butt as she gets into bed with Tom Skerritt. Angie then seen naked in bed leaning over the bed rail while William Shatner groped her breasts from behind. Angie Dickinson fully naked in a barn, showing a nice view of her breasts and some bush as she stands up and walks towards the window.

Joan Prather
[Image: Angie_Dickinson_-_Big_Bad_Mama0017.jpg]
Joan briefly bares her breasts and shows a decent shot of ass before kneeing Tom Skerritt between his legs.

Size: 219.6MB
Duration: 10:59
Resolution: 716×480
Format: MKV
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