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The Nurse in the Military Madhouse (1979)
The Nurse in the Military Madhouse (1979) Dvdrip
With Nadia Cassini, Nieves Navarro, Carmen Russo, Karin Schubert

Nieves Navarro
[Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use001.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use002.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use003.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0011.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use009.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0013.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0016.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0019.jpg]
Nieves Navarro laying naked in bed with a guy. We also get a nice look at her breasts as she pulls down her dress for a painter, and then seen fully naked as she chase him around the room. We then again get a nice peek at her breasts while trying to get it on with a guy in the elevator.

Nadia Cassini
[Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use004.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use005.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use006.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use007.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...use008.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0010.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0012.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0014.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0015.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0017.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0018.jpg]

Nadia Cassini wearing a slightly see-through top with no bra underneath, showing her hard nipples. She then runs, jumps and spins around through a field wearing a see-through garment while a guy peeps om her. Nadia then seen stripping out of her nurse uniform, wearing a see-through bra. Some nice looks at her athletic body in a small bikini at the beach, followed by another great look as her buns in black underwear.

Karin Schubert
[Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0021.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0022.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0023.jpg]
Karin Schubert getting her panty pulled off by a guy and getting her tits sucked on, before Nadia Cassini enters the room. Carmen then puts on her underwear showing some nice cleavage in the process while trying to get dressed. We get a nice up-skirt of her panty as a guy searches her for a weapon in the car.

Carmen Russo
[Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0020.jpg] [Image: Nadia_Cassini_-_The_Nurse_in_the_Militar...se0024.jpg]
Carmen Russo showing her nice butt as a guy carries her over his shoulder. We then get a nice fully naked Carmen posing for a sculpture in the garden.

Size: 691MB
Duration: 21:24
Resolution: 712×576
Format: MKV
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