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Valerie Perrine
Valerie Perrine in Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) 720p
[Image: a4d9e8542181485.jpg] [Image: b256c3542181489.jpg] [Image: ff82dd542181491.jpg] [Image: 7c5471542181494.jpg] [Image: 3ae219542181497.jpg] [Image: 9f740d542181504.jpg] [Image: cf8a47542181510.jpg] [Image: 30ade7542181512.jpg] [Image: da5592542181514.jpg] [Image: 8920a9542181518.jpg] [Image: 75f33d542181521.jpg] [Image: ff17f3542181525.jpg] [Image: fa34bb542181528.jpg] [Image: 5f2767542181532.jpg]
Valerie Perrine seen in a see-thru nightgown. We get a nice shot of her butt and boobs as she steps into the tub. We then get a long scene with a topless Valerie wearing only a pair of yellow panties. Lastly we get some nice cleavage shots of Valerie in a low cut dress. 

179,6 MB
Duration: 6:01
Resolution: 1280×692
Format: MKV
Download links: (Free Download)

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