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Giallo a Venezia (1979)
Giallo a Venezia (1979) BDRip
With Leonora Fani, Mariangela Giordano and uncredited Actresses

Leonora Fani
[Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.001.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.002.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.003.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.004.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.005.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.006.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.007.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.008.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.009.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0013.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0014.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0015.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0022.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0023.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0024.jpg]
Leonora Fani getting her panties pulled down by a guy and then having sex with him while some perv peeps on them. Leonora then seen getting into bed fully nude and tries to have sex with her man, but he can't perform and leaves. She then starts to masturbate but the guy then returns after a while and they have sex. Leonora wearing no panties as a guy pulls up her dress and has sex with her from behind. We then see Leonora sitting in the movie theater while her man starts fondling her and the guy next to them starts jerking off as he tries to join them. Leonora then seen in a pink nighty which goes open in the front while packing away her groceries. She then takes the delivery boy to the couch and jerks him off before taking his hand and putting it on her breast. Leonora then seen in a yellow dress wearing no bra underneath, before two guy's attacks her and has sex with her while her husband looks on from a distance. We then get some more shorts of her breasts in a yellow see-through wet dress as a guy carries her and puts her down on the grass.

Mariangela Giordano
[Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0016.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0017.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0018.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0019.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0020.jpg]
Mariangela Giordano fighting with a guy as he rips off her dress and tries to have his way with her. She later gives in and she ends up fully naked exposing her thick bush as the guy goes down on her and has sex with her. Mariangela then being attacked by a man and placed fully naked on a table with her hands and feet tied as he starts to saw off her leg.

[Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0010.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0011.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0012.jpg] [Image: Leonora_Fani_-_Giallo_a_Venezia.1979.0021.jpg]
A woman having sex with a guy outside, and some unknown woman having an orgy.

Size: 470MB
Duration: 37:34
Resolution: 960×576
Format: MKV
Download links:
Part 1: (Available for free download)
Part 2: (Available for free download)

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