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The Taming of the Scoundrel (1980)
The Taming of the Scoundrel a.k.a. Il bisbetico domato (1980) Brrip
With Ornella Muti and Milly Carlucci

Milly Carlucci
[Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.001.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.002.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.003.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.004.jpg]
Milly Carlucci in a black dress showing her cleavage while chatting on the phone with Ornella Muti.

Ornella Muti
[Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.005.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.006.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.007.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.008.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...el.009.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...l.0010.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...l.0011.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...l.0012.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...l.0013.jpg] [Image: Ornella-Muti_Milly-Carlucci_-_The_Taming...l.0014.jpg]
Ornella Muti in a white nightgown showing her cleavage. We then see her entering a room and gets undressed, showing some sideboob as she makes her way up the stairs. Ornella then seen laying topless in bed giving us a flash of her left breast as she pulls the cover over her.

Size: 247.3MB
Duration: 9:44
Resolution: 1280×720
Format: MKV

Download links: (Available for free download)

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