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Switchblade Sisters (1975)
Switchblade Sisters (1975) 1080p BluRay
With Robbie Lee, Joanne Nail, Janice Karman, Kitty Bruce and Helene Nelson

Joanne Nail and unknows
[Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters001.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters002.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters003.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters004.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters005.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters006.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters007.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0018.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0019.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0020.jpg]
Joanne Nail giving a few upskirt shots while fighting with some woman guards, and we also get to see some boob slips from unknown woman brawling it. Joanne in a short denim short and purple top showing hard pokie nipples. Joanna then gets assaulted by a gang member, and lastly we see Robbie Lee ripping open Joanna's shirt exposing a quick nip slip in the process before burning her with a cigarette.

Kitty Bruce
[Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters008.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters009.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0010.jpg]
Kitty Bruce pressing her boobs together and showing some nice cleavage while clutching a cigarette between her fists.

Janice Karman
[Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0011.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0012.jpg]
Janice Karman flashing her breasts and cheeks to some dork in the woman toilet.

Helene Nelson
[Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0013.jpg]
Helene Nelson getting her shirt ripped open by some gang members.

Robbie Lee
[Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0014.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0015.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0016.jpg] [Image: Robbie_Lee_-_Switchblade_Sisters0017.jpg]
Robbie Lee sitting up in bed topless exposing her breasts.

Size: 158.7MB
 Duration: 7:54
Resolution: 1920×1040
Format: MKV

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