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The Night of the Hunted (1980)
The Night of the Hunted a.k.a. La nuit des traquées (1980) 720p Bluray
With Brigitte Lahaie, Dominique Journet, Cathy Stewart and unknowns

Dominique Journet
[Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.001.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0014.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0018.jpg]
Dominique Journet runs fully naked out of the bushes and then leans against a tree. We then see some more breasts from Dominique as she undresses in the bedroom.

Brigitte Lahaie
[Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.002.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.004.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.005.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.006.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.007.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.008.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...ed.009.jpg]
Brigitte Lahaie naked having sex with a guy on a couch and then on the rug. Brigitte then seen sitting naked on a couch before standing up and shows her full frontal glory as a woman gives her clothes to put on. We get another nice look at Brigitte's breasts as she takes off her dress in front of Cathy Stewart.

Cathy Stewart
[Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0010.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0011.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0012.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0013.jpg]
Cathy Stewart undressing with Brigitte Lahaie, showing full frontal as she walks over to Brigitte and kisses her. We then see her sitting up naked in bed before stabbing herself in the eyes with a pair of scissors, exposing her fully naked motionless body in bed.

[Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0015.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0017.jpg]  [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0019.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0020.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0021.jpg] [Image: Brigitte_Lahaie-Dominique_Journet-Cathy_...d.0022.jpg]
An unknown blonde getting her dressed pulled off her and then having sex with the guy on the floor. Another unknown brunette goes for a quick dip in the swimming pool, and then entering a sauna to have sex with a guy. We then see the woman once again sitting in the pool naked. We then see the blonde again being undressed by two guy's before  being placed on a table topless and unconscious.

Size: 435.2MB
Duration: 21:15
Resolution: 1280×720
Format: MKV
Download links: (Available for free download)

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