Nude movie scenes from the 1980s

Barbara Crampton, etc. nude in Fraternity Vacation (1985) 1080p Blu-ray

Joe Gillespie “Cameron Dye” and Larry ‘Mother’ Tucker “Tim Robbins” standing on a balcony looking at some woman at the pool in their bikinis through binoculars, including Ashley Taylor “Sheree J. Wilson”. The men then goes down to the pool where they meet Chrissie “Barbara Crampton” and Marianne “Kathleen Kinmont” who decides to go back to the guys place, where they strip totally nude for they guys.


Suzane Carvalho, etc. nude in Women in Fury (1984) DVDRip

The Prison Warden “Rossana Ghessa” groping Angela’s breast before removing her uniform. She then proceeds to lick her nipples and they end up making out, but Angela pushes her off. Rossana then slaps Angela and takes her nightstick out, sliding it inside Angela’s panty and rips it off. They start making out again and this time Angela gives in and starts undressing Rossana, and they end up having sex on the floor. Afterwards, Angela is taken back to her cell where she gets into a scuffle with one of the female prisoners.