Looker (1981)

Looker (1981)
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Looker (1981) nude

Breasts, Bush, Butt

Director: Michael Crichton
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Language: English
Release Date: October 30, 1981 (United States)

Dr. Larry Roberts, a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, performs cosmetic procedures on a clientele mainly consisting of female television models. Lisa Convey, … Read more »

Stars who got naked
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Terri Welles nude

Terri Welles
as Lisa Convey


Susan Dey
as Cindy Fairmont
Breasts, Bush, Butt


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00:00:07 Lisa Convey (Terri Welles) is shown without her top on from various angles as she is scanned by an X-ray machine.

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00:03:48 Lisa is sitting in front of a mirror in a black bra and panty while doing her makeup. She then struts around her apartment before getting zapped with some kind of X-ray gun and takes a nosedive off her balcony.

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00:02:56 Cindy Fairmont (Susan Dey) is seen in a white bikini on the beach, showing off her epic volleyball skills while perfecting her graceful falls.

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00:02:55 Cindy is shown naked as she is gently lowered into a scanning machine, showing her breasts, butt and a subtle hint of fluff in the process.

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