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Morgan Fairchild skinny-sipping in a pool, naked taking a bubble bath and shows full frontal

Scene description: Morgan Fairchild skinny-dips in a pool while a guy takes pictures of her from his apartment window. She then shows her left breast as she climbs out of the pool and wraps a towel around her. Morgan and Colleen Camp both wrapped in a towel as they walk past sauna’s with naked woman sitting in them. We then see Morgan taking off her blouse as she gets undressed while a guy hides in her bedroom closet peeping on her. She then heads over to take a bubble bath where we get a nice look at her breasts in the water. The scene then jumps to Morgan having sex with a guy in a hot tub. 13 minutes into the scene we get a full frontal view of Morgan as she takes off her robe and climbs into bed, exposing breasts, buns and bush. The scene ends with her in sexy black negligee fighting with her stalker showing multiple cleavage shots…. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLIP! BDRip 720!