Killer aka Bulletproof Heart (1994) 1080p

Killer aka Bulletproof Heart (1994)Killer aka Bulletproof Heart (1994)1080p  3/5 Director: Mark MaloneRating: RLength: 1h 35minGenre: Drama, Romance, ThrillerLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 31 March 1995 (USA)SynopsisThe events of the film…

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The Rapture (1991) 1080p Blu-ray

The Rapture (1991)The Rapture (1991)1080p Blu-ray  4/5 Director: Michael TolkinRating: RLength: 1h 40minGenre: Drama, MysteryLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 4 October 1991 (USA)SynopsisSharon, a young Los Angeles woman, engages in aswinging,…

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Minutes To Midnight (2018) 1080p Blu-ray

Minutes To Midnight (2018)Minutes To Midnight (2018)1080p Blu-ray  5/5 Director: Christopher RayRating: Not RatedLength: 1h 31minGenre: Action, HorrorLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 3 July 2018 (USA)SynopsisOn the cusp of New Year's…

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American Beach House (2015) 720p Blu-ray

American Beach House (2015)American Beach House (2015)720p Blu-ray  3/5 Director: Straw WeismanRating: Length: 1h 30minGenre: ComedyLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 11 May 2015 (Netherlands)SynopsisWhat happens when six lucky strangers, threehandsome young…

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Malicious (1995) 1080p

Malicious (1995)Malicious (1995)1080p  3/5 Director: Ian CorsonRating: RLength: 1h 32minGenre: Drama, ThrillerLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 7 November 1995 (USA)SynopsisMalicious is a 1995 Canadian-American erotic thrillerfilm starring Molly Ringwald and Patrick…

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The Big Town (1987) DVDRip

The Big Town (1987)The Big Town (1987)DVDRip  4/5 Director: Ben Bolt, Harold BeckerRating: RLength: 1h 49minGenre: Drama, Romance, ThrilleLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 25 September 1987 (USA) SynopsisIn 1957, J. C.…

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Woman of Desire (1994) DVDRip

Woman of Desire (1994)Woman of Desire (1994)DVDRip  5/5 Director: Robert GintyRating: RLength: 1h 37minGenre: Comedy, RomanceLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 19 March 1994 (South Korea)SynopsisWoman of Desire is a 1993 erotic…

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The Witcher (2019) 1080p

The Witcher (2019)The Witcher (2019)1080p  4/5 Director: Lauren SchmidtRating: TV-MALength: 1hGenre: Action, Adventure, DramaLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: TV Series (2019– )SynopsisThe Witcher is an American fantasy dramaseries produced by Lauren…

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Darkdrive (1996) DVDRip

Director: Phillip J. Roth (as Phillip Roth)Rating: RLength: 1h 28minGenre: Action, Sci-FiLanguage: EnglishRelease Date: 18 August 1998 (USA)Source: IMDb  4/5 Julie Benz Claire Stansfield Julie Benz (1 video &…

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