The Red Monks (1988) Nude Scenes

The Red Monks (1988)

Director: Gianni Martucci
Genre: Horror
Language: Italian
Release Date: 1988 (Italy)

Ramona Curtis marries Robert Garlini, and they move into Robert’s ancestral mansion. Rather than spending time with his new bride, Robert vanishes for long periods of time… Read more »

Stars who got naked
In order of appearance

Lara Wendel … as Maritza
Breasts, Butt, Bush



Malisa Longo … as Priscilla



Pics (18)

Clips (1)

00:00:00 – 00:00:47 Lara Wendel seen walking through a building fully naked, exposing her butt and breasts as she spins around and stabs a guy with a sword.

00:00:47 – 00:01:18 Lara sitting on a bed wearing only black lingerie before putting on some clothes.

00:01:18 – 00:03:46 Lara in bed making out with a guy and showing some more boobs in the process.

00:03:46 00:09:50 Lara skinny-dipping fully naked in a lake while being watched by some creep. He then chases her through the forest (still naked) forces her to the ground and has his way with her. He then puts her on an altar and covers up her naked body.

00:09:50 00:10:40 Lara naked spinning around with a sword.