Thinner (1996)

Thinner (1996)
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Thinner (1996)
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Director: Tom Holland
Rating: R
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Language: English
Release Date: October 25, 1996 (United States)

Billy Halleck is an obese upper class lawyer who lives with his wife Heidi and their daughter Linda in Connecticut. Billy recently defended an underworld Mafia boss named Richie “The Hammer” Ginelli in court and is now celebrating his acquittal on a murder charge… Read more »

Stars who got naked
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Kari Wuhrer … as Gina Lempke



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00:00:00 – 00:00:53 Billy Halleck (Robert John Burke) watches as Gina Lempke (Kari Wuhrer) pulls open her jacket showing some cleavage, and then lifting up her skirt exposing her panty before flipping him the bird.

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